Tuesday, November 1, 2011

A Look ahead at November and Materials List

In November, we are going to be studying in the field of Earth Science.  I am going to be blogging about the following topics. 

11/5  Have lunch like a ROCK star – We will learn about and make edible models of the three different types of Rocks.
                Your Childs Favorite Sandwich Fixings (the more ingredients the more fun)
                A microwave or double boiler and various microwave safe bowls.
                Leftover Chocolate Halloween Candy
                Chocolate Chips
                Chips of a different color:  White Chocolate, Peanut butter or Butterscotch
                Wax Paper
Toddler Tuesday – Rock Collecting
               Sealable Plastic Container (Peanut Butter or Mayonnaise Jar, Dip or Salsa tub, Wider  
                Mouthed Soda or Water bottle.
                Glue Gun, Super Glue, Gorilla Glue or A lot of Tape

11/12  Times they are a Changing – Help your child to chart what time it gets dark and to understand why it gets dark earlier in the winter.

                Globe (or ball that can be drawn on and permanent marker)
                Printable Time Log

No Toddler Tuesday This Week – Get Ready for Christmas Book Reviews!

11/19 Leaf the Decorating to Me – Study the Colors of fall leaves through leaf chromatography which extracts the pigment from the leaf and allows you to see it on a piece of filter paper.

                Bottle of Rubbing Alcohol           
                Leaves of Different Colors
                Coffee Filters
                Glass Jars (2-3)

Toddler Tuesday
                Wax Paper
                Fall Leaves

11/26  Recycle those Thanksgiving leftovers into food for next year – Build a mini-compost bin suitable for small spaces and frequent movers (like us!)
                Plastic Bin with Secure Lid – at least 24” long
                Drill or Sharp Knife.

No Toddler Tuesday this week. 

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