Thursday, January 5, 2012

January Preview - Germs and Classifying Living Things

Welcome back to the Preschool Scientist!  We’ve got a whole new year to explore together as our families grow and learn about the world around them.  We have arrived back at a life science month and boy are we going to have fun.  This month we are going to explore two different topics.  The first two lessons are going to be about Germs.  Let’s get our little-ones in the know before the flu and Gastroenteritis (what I like to call the plague and others call the stomach flu) seasons really starts kicking in (at least it hasn’t kicked in here yet, but I am sure it is going around some other places).  The first two weeks will be devoted to germs and then we will be taking a look at the differences between animals and plants and classifying animals into their main groups. 

Materials:  As far as my planning goes these are the materials that you will need.

Week 1:   Spreading Germs -  A Touchy Subject
Hand Lotion
Several willing friends
Hand Soap
Paper Towels

Week 2:  Germ Farm

One large potatoe or 2 small ones.
4 plastic bags
A sharpie
Either a dirty house of the courage to look like a bit of a freak rubbing your potato on surfaces in public : )

Week 3:  The Mysterious Couch Potato – Is it an Animal or Plant?
An example plant (preferably living)
An example animal (also preferably living – if you don’t have a pet take a side trip to a zoo, aquarium, or pet store)

Week 4: The Animals have it all Covered – Classifying Animals by body Coverings
Realistic toy animals with appropriate body coverings  or
Raid your closet, retail stores, of the local thrift store for items with (preferably fake):
Scales (snake or crocodile skin purse or shoe ??).

I hope you enjoy what I have in store for you!

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