Thursday, September 29, 2011

Come explore with us!

Welcome to The Preschool Scientist!

About the blog
No one is too young to be a Scientist and the natural curiosity of preschoolers makes them especially good at learning about the world around them. They want to know the whys of everything and this is an amazing time to help them answer their own questions. This blog is dedicated to giving you ideas, tools, and the background you need to help your preschoolers to explore the world around us. I will be using a framework of topics based on the California State Kindergarten Standards for Science Education, so that I can make sure to cover a number of different areas and so that we can help to prepare our children for school. I am planning to keep each activity under $5.00, free if possible. The activities will be easy to do and play based because children learn best while having fun. My goal is to post a new activity each Saturday morning. The activities are tailored for children from ages 3-5. On Tuesdays, I will post a short toddler activity that works to teach the same subject material in a simpler way. If you stop in often, then together we will be studying in different fields each month on a three month rotation. In October, our activities will be from the life sciences. In November, look for us to explore the non-living world around us with an earth science unit. In the next few days you can expect the first of our activities and a supply list for the entire month.  I will also be publishing a book review each month so that you can see what resource materials I am using with my children at home.   I hope you enjoy sharing these activities with your family, and that you will share with me how they worked for you.

About Me
I am a stay-at-home mom with 4 children.  I have 4 year old twins, a one year old, and a baby.  I am NOT a super mom.  In fact, one of the biggest reasons that I am writing this blog and sharing these ideas with you is that I found that I wasn't exploring enough with my own children.  I love science, and I love to learn and teach, but in the day to day living with my children  I was busy and it wasn't getting done.  I want to help both myself and others by planning one EASY activity every week, something short that we can all fit in our schedule, something fun so our children will keep asking more questions.  The Preschool Scientist is here for my family and for yours and I hope it gives you the motivation and opportunity to play, inquire, and grow with your children, one activity at a time.

Not-So Important Credentials
We are all our best childrens' teacher.  You still might ask where I get my ideas and knowledge.  I am  (or I was before taking years off) a certified high school biology teacher.  I taught Earth Science to ninth graders for one LONG year before getting married.  I also had one of the most fabulous jobs a teacher could ask for as an educator and outreach coordinator for the Honolulu Zoo Society. 


  1. Love this idea! Miss you guys too.

  2. Thanks so much Amy! I would have loved to have cutie Nate over to help me test the activities.