Thursday, September 29, 2011

A Look Ahead at October's Themes and Supplies

This October we will be studying the Life Sciences.  I have chosen some topics to go with the Halloween themes that we see all around us at this time of year.  The first two weeks we will have activities featuring skeletons and body parts,  the second two weeks will be devoted to the creepy crawlies before it gets to cold in some parts of the country and they become hard to find.

October Supplies and Topics
Week 1:  Boning up on our Skeleton
Masking Tape

One paper skeleton for each child – many are available that are around 3 foot tall which would be preferable for this activity.  Dollar Tree or other “Everything is $1” stores are a good source for this item. You can also make your own using this link:
Week 2:  Animals and Us
2-3 Realistic shaped stuffed animals

Week 3:  Bug Hunt
For Each Child:  Toddler or larger paintbrush – up to 3” would work great so long as little hands can control it.
Trowel or hand shovel.
Magnifying Glass
Optional:  Camera to “collect” your scientist's finds.

Week 4:  Hanging Around the Web with Spiders
Water Spray Bottle
Optional items for preserving spider webs:
Talcum Powder
Black construction paper

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