Tuesday, October 25, 2011

Toddler Tuesday: Itsy Bitsy and a Spider Craft

Your toddler may or may not be interested in searching for spider webs because they can be hard for kids this age to see and appreciate.  If they aren’t here are a couple of other ideas to get them started learning about spiders.  When researching for this week’s activities, I found a great new version of Itsy-Bitsy that helps to reinforce the body parts lessons that we have introduced earlier in the month.
"A New Itsy-Bitsy Spider"
The itsty-bitsy spider
Crawled up on (Name)'s head.
He crawled all around, then used it for a bed.
He crawled down (his/her) back
and jumped down to the floor.
Then the itsy-bitsy spider
Crawled underneath the door.
 For some reason, my toddler thinks this is hilarious.  It may be the part where I make the spider crawl all over his head.

Spider web craft:
Materials:  8.5X11  Black Paper
                    White Washable Paint - acrylic paint 
                     would work better than fingerpaint.
                   1-2 Marbles  (Choking hazard alert -make sure
                   they don't go in the mouth)
                  Cake Pan

I love this craft because little ones can have great results .  Place the black paper in the bottom of the cake pan.  The parent should dip the marble in white paint and place it in the cake pan.  Then allow your toddler to roll the marble back and forth until you are happy with the look of the spider web. 

Spider Handprint Keepsake Craft:  I love handprint crafts and this is a cute one.
Materials:  Paper
      Black(or other spider color) Washable Paint
      Paint Brush

Paint the palm and fingers of one hand,  being careful to avoid the thumbs.   Press it to the paper.  Wipe that hand off, and repeat with the other hand overlapping the palm so that the palms are the spider’s body and the fingers are each of the 8 legs.  Add eyes however you wish (most spiders have at least 8).  Make sure to label and date your handprint spiders.
We actually combined the two crafts together at my house making bright neon green spiders sitting on our marble painted spider webs (or in our case acorn  painted since I don't think we have marbles :  ) )

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